T eBrochure


Trisan Info T eBrochure is digital magazine that can be flipped through on your computer screen. Trisan Info T eBrochure are flashy, cool and presents itself in a whole new way. You can add videos, music, Graphics, 3D effects for rich presentations of products and services.

Many prefer to read magazines, brochure, newsletter, or other Multi-page printed material on their computers. Can be read in Online (web) and Offline (desktop).In Trisan Info T eBrochure, total GUI (Graphical user interface) of the E-commerce application can be developed. TrisanInfo T eBrochure showcases Portfolios, Features, Products and services. Trisan Info T eBrochure is developed in flex, more security is provided.

Why TRISAN INFO T eBrochure

  • Flexibility – Trisan Info T eBrochure offer the option to edit, add or remove pages in response to the market place without re-printing any material
  • The most environmentally friendly way to communicate with your audience
  • Cost Savings - Digital distribution eliminates both postage and print costs while retaining the brochure reading experience
  • Each brochure has the ability to be viewed, indexed and optimized for search engines such as Google
  • Multilingual E-publications - our T ebrochure system is capable of producing electronic publications in almost any language, complete with multi- lingual search facilities
  • Easy to read and use - quickly browse through contents and articles – when viewing pages, a simple click gives an enlarged or zoomed view. Readers can also easily print pages of interest
  • Creating a magazine, brochure, newsletter, or other multi-page printed material, Trisan Info T eBrochureis a great way for them to spread their news in Online and Offline
  • It’s a great way for them to showcase their new publication online and save Time, shipping and handling money. It’s a great way for our client to share information in a professional way without mailing anything. Publishing a digital Trisan Info T eBrochure also saves paper!
  • In a single bar and providing the Fancy controls like print, Share, Search, full screen, zoom in and zoom out
  • Searching texts through the contents and jumping to a certain page in the book
  • These are the ability to add internal links going to your own website or external links to other websites, affiliate sites and many more you can even add your email address into your publication. In addition, you can also change the color of the book by providing themes
  • Providing several effects in the book according to client requirements. For attracting customers
  • E-books can be offered indefinitely, with no going out of print date, allowing authors to continue to earn royalties
  • Trisan Info T eBrochures use animation and intuitive controls to keep readers interested and able to find information quickly and effectively

Biggest Advantage:

Converting Web version Trisan Info T eBrochure to Desktop version, we can download the converted file and use it for any business or personal use. You can even use it during seminars or case presentations. However, you must make sure that you have installed Adobe AIR software in your computer so it will work.

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